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The Web is growing fast, and the amount of data in Cyberspace is growing even faster. Every day new information systems are developed, and every day new users are connected, and data can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Faster and better software development methods are desperately needed. Along these lines, W3Schools has developed a very flexible technique for retrieving, displaying, and manipulate data, without the need for traditional programming. Cooperating with Jan Egil Refsnes, W3schools has developed a vocabulary for defining Web applications. The vocabulary is called AppML (Application Modeling Language).
AppML Cases
This case study demonstrates how to build a full AppML Internet application, with functions for listing, editing, and searching information from several tables in a database.
Statistics Data Scince and Business Analysis
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Imagine you own a big e-commerce website that sells watches in bulk. Your company is called Batch Watch — it’s your baby. One of the biggest assets the company has is the data it collects on vendors, its products, and customers.

When you started the company, you didn’t have much cash to spend on an expensive database program, so you took the first inexpensive option that came your way. Unfortunately, this means your data is not well-modeled, and you’re not really sure how that initial data program’s technical skeleton is structured.